Be a Sponsor

Underwriting is a sponsorship announcement made on the air in exchange for funding.  The FCC limits the content of the announcement in some specific ways.  It can include information such as name, slogan, location, brand or trade and value-neutral descriptions of a product line or service.  Underwriting cannot contain things like price, comparisons to competing products, an inducement to buy or a call to action.

It is WMFH-LP policy that underwriting announcements not contain music, jingles, sound effects  or use of words like “you” and “we”.  All announcements will be read by one of our announcers and may be modified to fit station policy.

We want to work with you to craft a sponsorship announcement that will bring people to your business or organization.  Your success is our success.


Examples of underwriting announcements:

Support for the Mystery and Adventure Hour on Classic Book Radio is provided by Joe’s Tax Service; 123 State Street in Columbus, or on the web at;  tax and accounting services for business and individuals since 1968.

Underwriting of WMFH-LP is provided by Jane Doe, a loyal listener and proud sponsor of Classic Book Radio.



Announcements are scheduled with our normal programming.  Underwriters can select to support specific programs if they are available.

Our proposed broadcast schedule has 8 hours of new material every weekday, repeated twice to make a 24 hour broadcast day.  Weekday shows will also be repeated once on the weekend.  Underwriting announcements will  be repeated along with the program material.



Underwriting is a philanthropic activity with the happy side effect of corporate image enhancement.  Our listeners will connect your company or organization to the benefits they enjoy from our station.

Please contact us today to talk about your support.