Repairs made; Renewal coming.

Thanks for your patience.

Our transmitter has been suffering for nearly three weeks with overheating issues. The little A/C unit had given up. We were forced to have some outage periods due to equipment overheating.

Today we were able to replace the A/C unit and everything seems to be back up and running in good order.

We will be playing an official, legally required renewal announcement during our regular programming on Sunday December 1st. This is the first of a series of announcements required by the Federal Communications Commission on the approach of our license renewal in June of 2020.

The renewal announcement includes an invitation for listeners to contact the FCC with your comments on whether this station is or is not fulfilling the public trust in its usage of the public airwaves.

We hope we are fulfilling that trust. Please consider making a comment to the FCC if you agree or disagree.